Ariel Winter Raves Over Her Boyfriend - 'He’s Always There For Me’

Ariel Winter Raves Over Her Boyfriend - 'He’s Always There For Me’
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It’s pretty clear that Ariel Winter is head over heels with her boyfriend Levi Meaden. The Modern Family star gushed over him while chatting with Us Weekly.

According to Ariel, Levi is the type of person to always be there for her when she needs someone the most and that means a lot to her!

It’s obvious that he loves her a lot and she can’t get enough.

So, during a brand new interview with Us Weekly, the actress raved over the decade older man.

‘He’s a wonderful person. He is always there for me … all the time. He is always trying to make me feel good about myself, but also just be there for me as a person, you know? Just as myself, as Ariel — and that is hard to find, people who just take you for you. The good, bad, the ugly — everything,’ she gushed.

And that was not all! Ariel went on to also dish on how amazing it feels to have her boyfriend’s complete support during her tough times.

‘For me, that is great to have the support [from someone] on everything in life, not just specific things. For someone to be there for you through all the things, not you know, just pick and choose,’ she explained.

The two started their relationship back in November of 2016 and they have been doing great since.

Previously, an insider report detailed how much he’s helped her deal with the very public feud with her mother and also to stay confident and strong.

Their healthy relationship is everything to Ariel and she continues to be happy in her skin with her boyfriend's help.

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