Are Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman The Next Couple To Suffer Quarantine Marriage Crisis?

Are Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman The Next Couple To Suffer Quarantine Marriage Crisis?
Credit: Source: Keith Urban/Instagram

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary on June 25, 2020, but now, some are wondering if their marriage is in crisis. The Coronavirus quarantine has had a strange impact on relationships. For some, it has brought couples closer together as they unite as a family to make their way through the deadly pandemic. For others; however, they've found that spending day in and day out together during a worldwide health crisis where lives are at stake has been a wake-up call to how they really want to live their lives.  While some marriages and relationships have become stronger, others have faltered and even ended. The news that the couple's marriage is in trouble comes as Nicole Kidman celebrates her 53rd birthday on June 20, 2020.

If Nicole and Keith are on the verge of splitting up, they are covering it very well. Photos of the couple continue to surface on social media showing the two looking madly in love, cuddling, and snuggling up together. Life and Style quoted a source who stated the following in their upcoming June 29, 2020, issue.

"Nicole and Keith are not used to spending this much time together. They both work a lot and are used to spending a lot of time apart; it works for them. Now, being side by side 24/7 has caused tension. They're fighting about small things, like laundry and the kids' toys piling up, but also about old insecurities. Nicole admits she has too much time on her hands, and she can't stop thinking about past cheating rumors that swirled around Keith. He tells her she's crazy to bring it up and it usually ends with Nicole in tears — and him sleeping on the couch."

You may see some more photos of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman displaying their love for one another below.

Nicole and Keith have always presented themselves as deeply in love.

What do you think? Do you believe that Nicole and Keith are having marriage troubles?

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