Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Son Maddox's Plans For After The Quarantine - Will He Go Back To South Korea?

Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Son Maddox's Plans For After The Quarantine - Will He Go Back To South Korea?
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As fans know, ever since the coronavirus quarantine started, Maddox has been back home, putting his education at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea on pause for the time being. While that’s not to say he is not taking online classes like everyone else, it might still affect his college life to a certain extent.

That being said, his mom, Angelina Jolie, opened up about it, making it very clear that she is very happy with all the choices her oldest child has been making.

That also includes the fact that he is determined to go back to Yonsei after the quarantine ends, whenever that may be.

During an interview with DongA Daily, a Korean news outlet, the actress discussed the current situation with schools closing down due to the self-isolation orders put in place all over the world.

Obviously, that was the case with the prestigious university where he chose to study, which is why he came back home for the time being, much to her happiness.

Still, that does not mean that Angie has anything against the path her son has chosen, no matter how much she may miss him when he goes back.

‘I couldn't be happier about Mad’s choice of a university. It's, of course, closed at the moment because of the pandemic…But he is not transferring school, he’ will be going back as soon as things settle. He is using the time to just focus on his Korean and Russian studies,’ she explained to the news outlet.

The Hollywood star also praised South Korea during the interview, saying that it has become ‘such a successful and modern economy while also preserving the culture and the values that have made it unique for centuries.’

Then, she addressed the education issue at this time, saying that ‘Nearly a billion people globally are out of education, because of school shutdowns. There is an urgent need to help these young people to continue their education through distance learning, for instance, to ensure they're able to get their qualifications and that they get the other kinds of support they need.’


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