Andy Cohen Reveals Bravo Kids Special - Riley Burruss And Brielle Biermann Will Be Featured In It!

Andy Cohen Reveals Bravo Kids Special - Riley Burruss And Brielle Biermann Will Be Featured In It!
Credit: BET

Andy Cohen made some fans and followers extremely excited with the latest announcement. Check out the latest reports coming from The Shade Room.

'Now we know if walls could talk, they’d be telling it all but since that will never happen, #AndyCohen is trying the next best thing to get the tea--people’s kids,' TSR notes.

TSR continues and reveals that 'If anyone knows a woman’s business, it’s her children and Andy wants to tap into that tea reservoir with a “Bravo Kids” special that will feature the children from the “Real Housewives” franchise, including Kandi Burruss’ firstborn Riley Burruss and Kim

It's been also revealed that the kids will appear on an upcoming special episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” according to People.

'Others who will be joining them include Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia, Cynthia Bailey’s daughter Noelle Robinson, and Sheree Whitfield’s son Kairo,' TSR notes.

'We're gearing up for a special Bravo Kids episode of WWHL with Brielle Biermann , Riley Burruss, Frankie Catania,' and more.

Someone said: 'No, thank you give us a recast of Atlanta leave Porsha though,' and a commenter posted this: 'I feel like this will put pressure on Riley to get even more work done.'

Another follower said: 'Brielle is giving more “aunty” than kid 🥴' and another follower posted this: 'Riley @ the surgeon who did your nose. I just wanna talk.'

A commenter said: 'her nose is horrible, and her mom made a bad decision allowing her to get it done. she’s obese, and that should have been addressed before her nose!'

Someone else posted this: 'ss, but she's grown her mom don't/ can't control her I think she's beautiful despite the hate she's getting about changing her body.'

A fan wrote: 'Her mom can control what she does when Riley is asking for her money. Y’all deadbeat moms so lazy and always use the excuse “well, my child grown”. Just say you don’t wanna parent and move on...'


Stay tuned for more news.


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