Andy Cohen Has A Surprise For Fans And NeNe Leakes Is Involved

Andy Cohen Has A Surprise For Fans And NeNe Leakes Is Involved
Credit: Bravo TV

Andy Cohen just updated his fans on his health and made a lot of people happy when he said he's feeling better. As you know, Andy has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus not too long atom, and it's great to learn that he's recovering quickly and without any complications.

Now, besides updating his followers on his health, Andy also made sure to make an announcement on social media.

He surprised fans, and NeNe Leakes was also a part of this surprise.

'Happy to report I’m feeling better and am returning to @radioandysxm this morning, and will try to end your day with a smile when we begin [email protected] tonight featuring @neneleakes @lisarinna @mrjerryo! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON THE FRONT LINES OF COVID-19!' Andy captioned his post.

Somoene exclaimed: 'So glad you’re feeling better, stay strong buddy!!' and another follower said: '@bravoandy this brings me, so my happiness to know you’re ok! ♥️🙌🏼'

A follower said: 'Sooooo happy to see that smile again missed seeing you so happy you are feeling great again.'

Somoene else posted this: 'Great news❤️ And thank you for recognizing us! I'm an Emergency Room RN in Ohio!'

One commenter posted: 'The media definitely needs to continue to report recoveries just as much as they report the deaths.'

One skeptic person said: 'Nope. This ain’t it. You telling me he just healed himself. Something ain’t right !!!!!'

Another follower wrote: 'So All The Regular Folks Dying From The Coronavirus & The Rich People Getting Better Within A Week ? #OhOkay.'

A lot of people are still claiming that this whole thing is somehow a hoax, and the government is involved as well.

Some individuals even said that celebrities are being paid to lie that they are infected.

On the other hand, experts are still warning people about the gravity od this issue, and they are desperately asking them to remain at home so that the number of infections can be maintained as low as possible.

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