Andrew Glennon Admits He Was Scared For His Life Like Never Before While Being Attacked By Amber Portwood

Andrew Glennon Admits He Was Scared For His Life Like Never Before While Being Attacked By Amber Portwood
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Amber Portwood’s ex is getting candid about the huge fights they had that allegedly included domestic abuse on her part! Andrew Glennon admitted that he was genuinely scared for his life like he’d never been before.

As fans of Teen Mom may know, there are recordings out there in which Amber can be heard verbally and physically abusing Andrew, even threatening to kill him!

The two seemed so happy and in love so no one would have imagined their love story would end in such a shocking way.

Amber even got arrested after attacking Andrew while he was holding their one year old son in his arms.

Apparently, the woman, well known for having a nasty temper, punched her man in the neck!

Now, during an interview with HollywoodLife, Andrew is getting candid about what happened between them, admitting that he was actually scared for his life.

‘For a while I felt like a fool for thinking that I could make the girl happy, get her healthy, and show her happiness in the simple things of life by having a family. Really let the world see that she could be a great mom. I just did not know the backstory and once I heard it, I just denied it because everybody deserves a second chance.’

The backstory he was referring to was the one saying she was violent towards her previous ex, Gary Shirley, as well.

After all, she was arrested on three counts of domestic violence, twice, back in 2010.

The huge fights were even aired on Teen Mom but Glennon seemingly did not want to believe it.

‘People tried to warn me, but I just did not see the girl they were describing. I really wanted to make something great with her, but there just was not enough self-care on her part. I sincerely hope that she can curb her ego and her aggression, remind the world that people are flawed, forgive herself for what she has done in the past, release the baggage, and just step into the new life that waits for her…and hold tight onto it.’

Glennon explained that he just had to remove himself and especially their son, James, from that situation.

Still, he mentioned that he will always wait for her to ‘heal her beautiful soul’ and maybe step back in with their son.


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