Ammika Harris Proves Her Son With Chris Brown Looks Just Like Her With This Post!

Ammika Harris Proves Her Son With Chris Brown Looks Just Like Her With This Post!
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After Chris Brown highlighted in a post on social media just how much his two kids look alike and how much they also resemble him, it is now his second baby mama Ammika Harris’ turn to do the same! The aspiring model shared a new post on her IG Stories in which she compared a pic of her 3 month old son with Chris, Aeko, to a pic of herself!

Looking at the two snaps side by side, it’s actually undeniable that the baby boy is her son, the infant looking like the spitting image of his loving mom!

It did not even have to be a baby pic of Ammika for the followers to see the resemblance!

She actually just posted a recent photo of herself alongside one of her son, the two of them having a similar expression on their faces.

That was enough for fans to do a double take since it appears that pretty much every single feature of her baby’s face was inherited from her!

From their round, brown eyes to their noses, lip shape and sweet smile, it’s pretty incredible how much the mother and son look alike!

If fans hadn’t known any better, they would almost think she had shared a throwback pic of herself as a baby and one recent one, instead.

Ammika can’t get enough of her first baby which is pretty clear looking at her social media activity.

For instance, on Valentine’s Day, she posted the most adorable photo of her son.

It was a black and white image in which the mom can be seen giving the baby a sweet kiss on the cheek as they both look at the camera.

In the caption, she wrote: ‘Me and my sweet valentine. we spent our date watching some Korean movies and couple bottles of milk. Super chilled, just how we like it. ( and with some burps and farts here and there) [red heart emoji.]’


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