Ammika Harris Is Making Some Funny Moves - Check Out The Short Clip She Shared

Ammika Harris Is Making Some Funny Moves - Check Out The Short Clip She Shared
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Ammika Harris has been making some pretty funny moves on social media. Check out the clip that she just posted on her IG account below.

'Just making sure they’re still there..gotta hold onto what you love 😌 gotta appreciate all the little things too you know ❤️' she wrote.

Someone said: 'How you come up w the best captions ?! 🤣 u right tho!!' and a commenter posted this message: ' of course I do it all the time and thank god for all the blessings that I have 💕'

Someone else wrote: 'Gotta appreciate the little things haha❤️❤️ Little ones are best they stay perky 😂😂' and a commenter said: 'You are such a stunning energy babes. ✨🤍 *btw I feel ya. I’m in the same “lil boat” 😂*'

One other follower posted this message: 'Haha yes.. it do be like that with me as well,' and a commenter said: 'I know that's right!!! Honey, if they don't like you naturally, then they can hit the road...'

One other follower wrote this message: 'I really love & admire how you appreciate yourself entirely, instead of trying to be apart of a crowd. Keep that authentic side of your personality; that’s what the world needs 🙏🏽❤️.'

Someone else said: 'Ahaha love this...our little things are the best🙌 #littleboobsgang 😂😊'

In other news, Ammika Harris shared a new photo shoot featuring her and Chris Brown ‘s son, Aeko and fans simply cannot get enough of him. Check out the post that she shared on social media.

Also, it’s been revealed that Ammika Harris shared a photo on her social media account in which Aeko, her and Chris Brown ‘s son is looking like a young man!

This cute kid is growing really fast, and fans cannot get enough of him.


Check out the photo  that Ammika shared on her social media account that has fans in awe.

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