Ammika Harris' Fans Want To Know Why She's Not With Her Baby Daddy, Chris Brown

Ammika Harris' Fans Want To Know Why She's Not With Her Baby Daddy, Chris Brown
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Ammika Harris has been making her IG fans really happy lately with all kinds of gorgeous posts. Some are photos featuring herself and baby Aeko, and others and amazing pics of all kinds of calming sceneries. Check out the beautiful photo that she shared on her IG account below.

A commenter asked Ammika: 'where yall at?? Why are you not with Chris??' but she did not respond - on the otheer hand, some of her other fans responded to the curious Instagrammer.

Someone said: 'how is she going to be with him when the whole world is on lockdown?' and another follower said: 'do you know about the Coronavirus? this is the answer.'

A follower posted: 'she’s in Germany....maybe try being a little bit more polite then maybe she’ll answer,' and someone else wrote: 'this place looks so calm and peaceful.'

Someone else posted: 'I love you your personality ❤️and you are my role model in everything,' and another follower said: 'Beautiful picture!I love your posts.I know you have your best friend there 😊but you must get lonely too?'

Another commenter posted: 'Oh my gosh, that bed looks like the perfect nap spot right about now! #breeze 👌🏼' and a fan wrote: 'Ammikaaa I hope you do take that risk for that love if you feel it's what you want 😘. Don't ever live with regrets and you will never know until try for it. Take a risk.'

Someone else told her: 'I hope you plan to come back to us on the other side of the ocean real soon!' and a commenter posted: 'This is one of my favorite pages on Instagram @ammikaaa ❤'

Other than this, Ammika shared a short clip on her social media account, which managed to blow fans’ minds. This is due to a filter that she used, which makes her eyes look very vampire-like.

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