Amie Harwick's Ex-Boyfriend And Alleged Murderer Stalked Her For Weeks Before Her Death

Amie Harwick's Ex-Boyfriend And Alleged Murderer Stalked Her For Weeks Before Her Death
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Amie Harwick, the Hollywood sex therapist who was killed earlier this week by her ex-boyfriend, Gareth Pursehorse, was stalked and threatened by the man just a few weeks before she died, a report from Page Six revealed.

The outlet reported that Amie's ex-boyfriend was at the porn awards in downtown LA on the 16th of January. Friends closest to her stated that she was terrified by his presence, including her close friend, Jasmin St. Claire.

During a conversation with Page Six, St. Claire shared that Harwick phoned the police but nothing could be done to protect her. According to St. Claire, Gareth was there at the awards ceremony, and he went "bats*it crazy."

Gareth worked as a photographer at the event. She stated that Amie phoned the police, but they never took her concerns seriously. Gareth was very "obsessive over her; controlling," St. Claire added. Despite the fact Gareth and Amie stopped dating 10 years ago, his obsession continued.

Additionally, Harwick had a restraining order against him that lasted up until two weeks ago, claims St. Claire. Reportedly, the 38-year-old sex therapist, who was once engaged to Drew Carey, fell from her third-story balcony on Saturday.

There were signs that someone had forced their way into her home, fought with the victim, and the 41-year-old Pursehouse was subsequently arrested and charged with murder. The LA County Medical Examiner confirmed that Amie had died from blunt force injuries on her head.

Moreover, they discovered evidence that he had strangled her before she fell. Amie, who was once a Playboy model, was found injured beneath the balcony and she later died in the hospital. St. Claire said to Page Six that there should be a law that protects women from their stalkers.

St. Claire added that it was a real "tragedy" that she went to the police several weeks ago, and nothing could be done to protect her. Since Amie died, many cultural commentators have referenced the tragedy, including Wendy Williams who was criticized for her remarks.

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