Drew Carey Opens Up About Amie Harwick After Her Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Tossed Her From A Balcony

Drew Carey Opens Up About Amie Harwick After Her Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Tossed Her From A Balcony
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Approximately one week ago, Drew Carey's ex-girlfriend, Amie Harwick, plummeted to her death after her ex-boyfriend reportedly threw her off the balcony. Today reports that Drew Carey addressed the tragic passing of his former flame on his SiriusXM radio show, Drew Carey's Friday Night Freak-Out.

Drew kicked off the show with a message, revealing to his audience that he wanted them to know that his ex-fiancée had been murdered tragically just one day prior to him recording the episode. Drew admitted that he didn't want people to think he was just ignoring what had happened to her.

In the conclusion of the episode, Drew dedicated an entire set of tracks to Harwick, commemorating her life and their time spent together when they were in a relationship. According to Carey, he and Amie were in a relationship in 2018.

He described her as a sex therapist and a mental health advocate, admitting that she was a "beautiful and fun" person. The Price Is Right star claimed she had a Ph.D. and a master's degree, and he was very much "in love with her."

Drew claims he used to send her setlists for his show, and would often dedicate sets to her while they were in a relationship. Paraphrasing the television show host, many of the songs they listened to together were very important. For that reason, he chose to share them with the audience.

Despite the fact they broke off their engagement two years ago, Carey claims he still loved her a lot. "I could never hear these songs against without thinking of her so this next set is for Amie Harwick," the host concluded, stating that she didn't deserve to die.

As it was previously reported, Harwick was reportedly murdered on the 15th of February, before officers arrived at her home around 1:00 am. The police were called after complaints of a female yelling. When they finally arrived, they discovered Amie on the ground outside of a three-story balcony.

After being rushed to the hospital, she was pronounced dead from her injuries. Gareth Pursehouse was her ex-boyfriend, and at the time, a restraining order had just been lifted. Her death came as a huge shock to everyone, including Carey, who announced that he would be taking a few weeks off.

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