Wendy Williams Makes Fun Of Amie Harwick’s Death And People And Outraged!

Wendy Williams Makes Fun Of Amie Harwick’s Death And People And Outraged!
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The outspoken talk show host is in hot water again, this time around after seemingly making light of Amie Harwick’s passing! This comes only days after she also apologized for making some really offensive comments about the LGBTQ+ community.

Now, people thought Wendy Williams went too far again by making some insensitive comments about Harwick’s death.

As you may know, Amie Harwick tragically lost her life after falling from a balcony on the third story when she was attacked in her own apartment.

Instead of being respectful and empathetic when she covered the story, Wendy appeared to make jokes about the murder instead and, obviously, people were not happy about it at all.

Wendy mentioned on her show that the model turned therapist was engaged to The Price Is Right host Drew Carey in the past.

‘She was killed. Not by Drew,’ Wendy said after sharing with her audience that the woman had been pushed off the balcony, falling three stories.

As the people in the studio gasped at the terrible news, Wendy paused and decided to use the well known The Price Is Right catchphrase, that goes ‘Come on down!’

And that was not even all because the joke went on with the host tilting her head up and down, as if she was watching somebody fall from a high place. Yikes!

It’s no wonder that people were pissed!

The crowd did not laugh but mostly either remained silent or groaned at the insensitive joke, causing Wendy to move on to other things about Harwick, who she actually mistakenly called ‘Hardwick’ instead!

Then, it was time for her to also discuss another tragic passing, the one of voice actor Jason Davis but did not manage to remember his name right either, referring to him as ‘Jason David.’

What do you think of Wendy's joke? Do you agree that she went too far?

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