Amber Portwood Is A Huge Fan Of Stoic Philosophy - She's Changing Her Life

Amber Portwood Is A Huge Fan Of Stoic Philosophy - She's Changing Her Life
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Everyone has their own journey, that much is for certain. For instance, Farrah Abraham started working in pornography around the same time as her role in Teen Mom from MTV. Amber Portwood, on the other hand, has started getting into Ancient Greek philosophy.

During a recent conversation with Page Six, Amber shared that her 30th birthday marked a monumental occasion for her.

It was an opportunity for her to start a brand new chapter of her life. Amid her chat with reporters, Amber said she always thought that educating oneself is the best thing to do if one wants to grow and move into the future.

Amber claimed, "so, I'm really into philosophers and philosophy right now." According to Portwood, one particular quote from Aristotle has touched her the most. It is, "the roots of education are bitter, but its fruits are sweet."

Amber said to Page Six said that the aforementioned quote really "resonated" with her.

In the past, Amber's temper has landed her in trouble with many different individuals, including even stints in jail. For that reason, she has found the Stoics incredibly helpful to her life, especially for their emphasis on how to control oneself in the face of chaos.

According to Portwood, her favorite philosopher is Epictetus, from the second century. Amber said that one of the best quotes from him is the idea that a person can't control what's going on around them, they can only control how they respond to things.

In other words, a person shouldn't focus on the things they can't control. Amber said it made a lot more sense when the quote came from someone else, because, in some way, she always knew it to be true. Whenever Amber comes across a new idea or aphorism, she tries to think of how it would apply to her own life.

Amber went on to mention the likes of Marcus Aurelius, the closest person to Plato's Philosopher King to ever exist. The reality star noted that Marcus was also a stoic philosopher, but of course, he was also the emperor of Rome during one of its greatest periods.

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