Adele Posts About The 'Black Lives Matter' Movement - Argues That Racism Is, Unfortunately 'Alive And Well Everywhere!'

Adele Posts About The 'Black Lives Matter' Movement - Argues That Racism Is, Unfortunately 'Alive And Well Everywhere!'
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Adele joined the long list of celebrities showing support to the Black Lives Matter movement amid the explosive protests sparked by the horrible killing of George Floyd by a policeman. As you may know, the outrage has become international as people all over the world have been protesting police brutality and racism in general.

The singer took to her Instagram page to share her statement on what has been happening, writing: ‘George Floyd's murder sent shockwaves around the world, but there are countless others that have not. Protests and marches are happening all over the planet simultaneously and gaining momentum. So be righteously angered but also be focused! Keep listening and keep asking and keep learning! It is important we do not get disheartened, hijacked or manipulated right now.’

‘This is about systematic racism, it is about police violence and it is about inequality. And this is not only about America! Racism's alive and well everywhere. I stand in solidarity with the fight for freedom, for liberation and justice ♥️ #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #saytheirnames,’ she went on.

Just like Adele, many famous people have been using their platforms to speak up on the unfairness and to seek justice and some have even joined the street protests!

Well known names, including Ariana Grande, Halsey, Jamie Foxx, Michael B. Jordan, Kehlani and Kendrick Sampson, to name just a few, have been protesting alongside enraged citizens.

Furthermore, Halsey and others have even offered medical aid to protesters injured in Santa Monica this past weekend during confrontations with the police.

About this, Halsey argued that people should ‘not underplay these rubber bullets bc you have been told they are 'not lethal'. I had to bandage one man who looked like his whole face had exploded. So before you say, from the comfort of your homes, that we are exaggerating, please consider the injuries some have suffered.’

Aside from giving visibility to the movement by posting about it online and going to the protests, many celebrities have also been donating to the worthy cause and/or raising money for charities.

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