Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Has Terrifying ‘Monster Alter Ego' In Never-Before Released Court Documents!

Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Has Terrifying ‘Monster Alter Ego' In Never-Before Released Court Documents!
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The drama between Johnny Depp and his ex, Amber Heard is not over! In new court documents, the woman claims the actor has a ‘petrifying’ alter ego that they named ‘monster’ for years!

Apparently, his alter ego would come out every time he would physically abuse her.

The allegations against Johnny, newly obtained by The Hollywood Reporter are not actually new, since they are from August of 2016, but they had never been released before today.

‘Johnny and I refer to his alter personality, the part of him that's present when he beats me — we call that 'monster' and have called [that] for years. I was petrified of the monster,’ Amber said at the time.

In the deposition, Heard also claims that on May 21, 2016, Depp threw his phone as hard as possible and it hit her face, but that was not all!

He supposedly went ahead to grab her hair and as she screamed for help, he ‘broke a lot of glass things that left glass on the floor.’

Furthermore, she also declared that other harmful things were left on the floor, including a lamp and silver candlesticks.

Heard’s friend Raquel Pennington also testified that upon receiving a text from her pal, she showed up at the penthouse since she lived in an adjacent apartment.

Pennington claimed that she heard Depp yelling and that Amber asked for her help and told her about the actor throwing his phone at her.

The friend told the court that Johnny was ‘swinging around’ a magnum bottle of wine as well as knocking things with if off the counter.

The actor’s security supposedly showed up after he started yelling and convinced him to leave the house.

Pennington declared that during Amber’s relationship with Johnny, she had taken many pics of the bruises Johnny left on her, and that included that day.

The documents, however, include the story from Depp’s point of view as well.

That being said, when a lawyer asked Amber if she’d ever hit or thrown anything at Depp, she replied that she did her best to defend herself against the stronger man.

Meanwhile, Johnny declared that he, in fact, tossed the phone on the couch, therefore it did not even touch her, let alone hit her in the face!

As he walked across the room, Amber supposedly started yelling, which was when the security showed up - moment when the actress burst into [fake] tears.

As for the damaged objects and bruises on Amber, Johnny claimed they were not his doing.

He stated that the ‘hardcopy photographs were put in evidence, but neither the original images nor the associated metadata were produced.’

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