Amanda Seyfried Credits Rescue Dog Finn For Helping Her Battle Anxiety

Amanda Seyfried Credits Rescue Dog Finn For Helping Her Battle Anxiety
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Amanda Seyfried has credited her rescue dog Finn for helping her battle anxiety.

After landing her breakout role of Karen Smith in Mean Girls, Seyfried became one hot commodity in the acting world. The actress began suffering from anxiety as her Hollywood career soared in her late teens.

One day on the set of her HBO show Big Love, the actress met a rescue dog that would change her life forever. An Australian Shepherd named Finn came into her life when she was in her early twenties, and Seyfried knew instantly there was a reason the two met.

"As soon as he was mine, like 24 hours after I got him, I realized something about me needed him. He completely changed my life and helped me find my solitude and my independence. When you have a lifestyle like I did when I was in my early twenties, there were no constants. It was just hard to know where I was going to be the next month because of my career. That's why I got him," the 33-year-old shared with People magazine.

Thanks to the precious pup and the right medication, Seyfried was able to get a handle on her anxiety. Although she knows the meds have helped, the blonde beauty genuinely believes Finn is the one who saved her.

Today the actress ensures all of her film contracts allow for to bring Finn on set with her.

"I just can't picture being anywhere without him. Except England. Every time I do a movie over there, I have to leave him. I wouldn't put him through that plane ride unless I was there for long enough to make sense because he has such a good life when he's being babysat by my agent," she explained to the weekly magazine.

When Seyfried and Finn are not at work, they can be found at her upstate New York home she shares with her husband, Thomas Sadoski and their toddler daughter. Although there are several other rescue animals on the farm, Finn is and will continue to be the only recuse dog for the family.

"Finn's an individual, and he is very particular, and I know what he needs, and I know what he wants' As much as I love dogs and love rescuing animals, all the animals I rescue are not dogs. I can still be in the rescue game, but he's an elder now," she expressed.


Amanda Seyfried owes surviving her anxiety battle to her rescue dog Finn. The actress is living in the moment with her best friend.

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