Amanda Seyfried Is A Mother Of 2 After Secret Second Pregnancy!

Amanda Seyfried Is A Mother Of 2 After Secret Second Pregnancy!
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Amanda Seyfried and her husband, Thomas Sadosk are now parents of two after the actress gave birth to a new addition to the family! Not only that but the happy news was even more of a surprise for fans since Amanda kept her entire pregnancy a secret!

The pair took to social media to finally reveal that they are now the parents of a new baby and that it’s a son!

Not only that but there was also a first pic attached, showing the parents’ adorable infant.

The announcement was actually meant to also promote advocacy organizations INARA and War Child USA as the news of his birth was shared through these organizations’ platforms.

That being said, INARA shared on their IG account that ‘We at War Child and INARA are so happy to be the first to announce that our board members Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski welcomed their second child into this world.’

They went on to also included the couple’s statement in their caption, which reads: ‘Since the birth of our daughter three years ago our commitment to the innocent children that are so brutally affected by conflict and war has been a driving force in our lives. With the birth of our son the work of INARA and War Child has become our North Star.’

At this point in time, the name of the newborn is yet to be shared with the public but the first photo shared online shows the baby’s tiny fist grabbing onto his actress mother's finger while fast asleep in a blue t-shirt, a sloth onesie and matching pacifier.

It’s a sweet moment that was captured on camera and the parents just had to share that photo to properly introduce their new son to the world!

Amanda Seyfried and her husband, Thomas Sadosk also share a three year old daughter together named Nina!

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