Amanda Seales Delivers Powerful Speech At 2020 BET Awards

Amanda Seales Delivers Powerful Speech At 2020 BET Awards
Credit: Source: ET

The BET Awards was hosted and filmed virtually this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, the show was just as, if not more, interesting as it would have been if it was filmed under the same roof.

Amanda Seales was on hosting duties. She was the perfect choice to speak to viewers who were looking forward to a break during these tense and saddening times.

The former talk show hostess delivered a powerful speech.

Seales kicked off the show with her monologue that reads: 'Now, folks always say, ‘All Amanda ever does is talk about race.' Well, listen, I would love to talk about regular, everyday things, but racism always beats me to it. For instance, candy: Who don't like candy? But whenever I talk about Skittles, I remember Trayvon Martin. I would love to talk about ice cream, it's a delicious treat. But each time I do, I'm reminded of Botham Jean. Who doesn't appreciate some shut eye? I had nap in 2015 that was so good, it felt like Black Jesus tucked me in. I still talk about it to this day, but that's a wrap because I can't dream about sleeping knowing Breonna Taylor's killers have not been arrested.'

She went on to say: 'We deserve a break. When I say, ‘We,' I mean all us Black folks watching the kneeling. The ‘I take responsibility' vids and saying to ourselves, ‘Wow, y'all goofy.' Because America is acting brand-new about racism.'

This comes after she chose to leave the multi-cultural talk show because it wasn't fulfilling enough. There was no bad blood between the women; however, the actress didn't feel that she could speak as in-depth about Black issues that she wanted.

BET couldn't have picked a better person to host during such n monumental time in history.

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