Amanda Seales Exposes The Real For Using White Producer For Black Segments And More That Made Her Leave The Show

Amanda Seales Exposes The Real For Using White Producer For Black Segments And More That Made Her Leave The Show
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The Real is under a magnifying glass as two of the hostesses recently announced their exit. After revealing that the job was tearing at her soul, Amanda Seales opened up even more as her experience as a permanent host on The Real.

Amanda is an educated, proud, Black woman who is serious about her work and the information she puts out on the Black community since she has a degree in African-American studies.

This may be where she went wrong in accepting a lighthearted show hosted by women from many cultures. The daytime show is known to speak on issues that POC face but it tends to merely scratch the surface.

Amanda recently recounted an experience where a white producer was assigned to put together a Black segment.

'I did a ‘Smart, Funny, and Black’ game on ‘The Real’ and I was so excited to get to play. They assigned it to the one White woman producer. But we have three Black women producers and one Black guy producer. So, I was like, ‘Why are you producing this?’ And she said, ‘Oh because so-and-so assigned it to me.’ And I said, ‘But, why would you be producing this? You’re a White woman. You don’t understand what we’re going to be talking about.’ Now, she could have said, ‘Well, actually I grew up in this culture if that was the case.''

Seales went on to explain: 'I said to her, ‘Do you even know what we’re going to be talking about?’ And she said, ‘No, I just figured you were going to talk about it and I would just write it down.’ So I said, ‘Am I going to get a producer credit?’ Because to me, you assign the different segments to people who are going to be able to produce it to the best ability. And it’s like if we were doing a segment on the Sabbath dinner, she was the one Jewish person on staff, she should be in charge of that segment because she has the most expertise on that.'

She went on to say that the white producer 'felt threatened' and reportedly said that she was attacked by Amanda .

Seales added that she was asked not to talk about other Black issues which broke her spirit.

This comes after it was revealed that Tamera Mowry-Housley allegedly left the show after a contract dispute.

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