Ally Brooke Claims She Wasn't Allowed To Release A Song While A Part Of Fifth Harmony

Ally Brooke Claims She Wasn't Allowed To Release A Song While A Part Of Fifth Harmony
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According to a report from, Ally Brooke is now dishing on what it was like to work in the girl band, Fifth Harmony, however, her new stories aren't that positive. This past Saturday, the 25-year-old "Low Key" singer revealed she was blocked from releasing a brand new track she had recorded with another artist.

Around that same time, the other girls on the record were allowed to release singles but she wasn't due to some kind of issue with a higher-up executive. "I found this one song that I really liked," the star remarked, before going on to say that she wanted to sing it with the artist who made it but couldn't.

The person who had to approve the song called her up on the telephone and informed her that he wouldn't allow it to happen. The entire thing, to her, was "very disheartening."

More importantly, around that time, everybody else in the group was releasing their own features and she wasn't able to. It effectively created a massive problem in her career, and she hasn't quite recovered from it since.

The star said she felt as though, "I don't understand why this is happening to me," and all because of one person's opinion. Unfortunately, the music industry can be quite a stressful career for a number of different reasons, especially in the modern era following the massive corporate takeover back in the 1990s of all of the smaller independent record labels.

In the past, there were thousands of small record labels, but as time went on, the biggest companies bought more and more of them out, and the result of which has seen a massive consolidation of power.

Moreover, due to the advent of streaming and file sharing, artists, producers, songwriters, musicians, and industry executives aren't making as much money as they used to, because people just aren't buying music the way that they used to.

Due to the power imbalance between certain types of people in the industry, some artists find themselves in a position where they're taken advantage of by those who know more than them and also have more experience.

Case-in-point, the supposed abuse levied against "Tik Tok" singer, Kesha, who is now being sued by Dr. Luke following his dismissal from his Sony Records contract.

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