Ariana Grande Rejects Million-Dollar Offer To Fix Her "BBQ" Tattoo In Japanese

Ariana Grande Rejects Million-Dollar Offer To Fix Her "BBQ" Tattoo In Japanese
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According to a report from, Ariana Grande recently fixed her tattoo which read, "small charcoal grill" in Japanese. It was supposed to mean "7 Rings," in the Eastern language, but ended up being something completely different.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter posted a series of tweets in response to a story from TMZ which reported that the company, LaserAway, had sent Grande a $1.5 million offer to fix her tattoo for free. The organization offered to have her as a paid spokesperson for their brand, which Ariana subsequently denied.

According to the outlet, her manager, Scooter Braun, explained they had never actually received such a letter. On Saturday, Grande wrote in response to all of her haters, "I'll give y'all a million to get off my nuts."

Recently, the star wrote a long series of messages in which she defended her improper tattoo that was meant to mean, "7 Rings," based off of her brand new single of the same name. Ariana wrote later on that she went with her tutor to have it fixed.

She wrote, "Bruh, I care soo much. What would u like me to do or say? Forreal?" Grande went on to say that she has "crippling anxiety," and doesn't like to be mean to people on the internet at all, but yet, people criticize her relentlessly for little mistakes all of the time.

Speaking on the issue of cultural appropriation, Ariana said there was a significant difference between appreciating one's culture, rather than appropriating it.

Interestingly, Japanese people love it when outsiders adopt their culture, they find it endearing. It's only in the United States and Canada where accusing people of such transgressions have become so commonplace to the point of absurdity.

As it was reported earlier in the week, Grande made headlines back on Tuesday when she showed off her latest tattoo which was pointed out as meaning "small, charcoal grill," instead of "7 Rings." Ariana's Japanese fans pointed out to her that her tattoo was actually wrong. In a since-deleted social media message, the star joked that she was a "huge fan of tiny BBQ grills."

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