Ally Brooke Says She ‘Didn’t Love’ Being Part Of Fifth Harmony - Here's Why It Was 'Traumatizing!'

Ally Brooke Says She ‘Didn’t Love’ Being Part Of Fifth Harmony - Here's Why It Was 'Traumatizing!'
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On her brand new podcast, 'The Ally Brooke Show,' the singer opened up about her experience being part of Fifth Harmony and explained why it was not all positive. Ally Brooke admitted that she 'didn't love' being in the girl group and explained why that is!

It's been around three years since Fifth Harmony went on hiatus indefinitely and now, Ally Brooke is telling all about her time in the band.

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About their rise to fame in 2012 after they were put together on The X Factor, she said that 'It was a whirlwind,' before adding that 'I'm going to say just how proud I am of Fifth Harmony, what we did for music, what we did for female empowerment, for girl groups.'

However, while she appreciates what they were able to do throughout the years of singing together, all of that was overshadowed by her personal experience in the group.

Ally admitted: 'But I hate saying this: My time in Fifth Harmony, I did not enjoy it. I did not love it. It was hard because there was so much going on. Behind the scenes, so much toxicity, abuse, of power, mental abuse, verbal abuse, and it is just horrible and to me, it is a shame because we were so big. I should've enjoyed myself more.'

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The singer obviously struggled a lot during that time and while she did seek help within the label, her request was ignored.

According to Ally, women were made to feel 'uncomfortable' and even 'inferior' quite often back then.

Ally is now away from that situation and trying to deal with her experience, navigating fame and everything else in the industry at such a young age.


'There's a weird balance of being grateful and being okay with the fact that things were not okay for me. It was traumatizing.'


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