Alexis Skyy's Former Stylist Turns On Her -- Says She Leaked Her Own Sex Tape, Reveals Why She Can't Keep A Man And Threatens To Expose More

Alexis Skyy's Former Stylist Turns On Her -- Says She Leaked Her Own Sex Tape, Reveals Why She Can't Keep A Man And Threatens To Expose More
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Alexis Skyy has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. One of what seemed to be her closest friends known as King Ikey who also served as her business partner has turned on her.

The beginning of their beef appeared to start weeks ago when Alexis allegedly accused the man of stealing from her. The reality star took to Instagram to share a message that read: 'It's the loyalty for me!!'

King responded with multiple messages.

One read: 'Nobodi can question my loyalty when it comes to u… nobodi can ever say I talk s** about u or kick ya back in!!! Nobody!!!!! & for everybody who got sum s** to say, FYI… me n lex been friends for 5yrs+ I’m the reason for a lot of things… but she had her ‘friend’ blocks me from her business page… that we both planned together!!! Even ger gma sees thru her ‘friend’ bs!!! She calls me tlkn Bout it all the time!!! So miss me with all bs.'


Alexis clapped back with the shocking accusations: 'you were in my house with your friends and all my s*** is gone now. Mac book my bags lol so I’m not suppose to be upset did I come on ig with this s*** you sitting here doing snake s***, I don’t give a f*** about no blocking on a page tell them I want my s*** back, you didn’t call me once to ask me if I’m good nothing.'

It seemed that the two were fine with terminating their friendship but the beef reignited recently when she shared a message from a woman who claimed that she paid Ikey for a booking including Alexis Skyy -- something the influencer seemed to know nothing about.


Fed up, Ikey decided to spill many of Alexis's secrets.

He revealed that she was the one who leaked her own sex tape with Fetty Wap.

King claims that the reason she 'can't keep a man' is because she goes after the wrong guys and turns a blind eye to the nice ones.

The businessman also alleges that 'some white guy she just met' is paying for her shop.

He went on to threaten his former friend by posting: 'Alexis, u can stop calling my mother making up lies…& sending threats B4 I retaliate. Soon as some BS come my way, game on!!!!! U started it by posting that email insinuating I accepted money from somebody without ur knowledge, when u know d*** well what the deal was!!!!! & that’s all Ima say, the only reason I did the Q&A was bc you posted that email insinuating what u did…when u leave it alone, I will as well.'

In another post, he threatens to release videos, pictures, and messages that he has in his artillery against her.

What do you think about this latest drama?

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