Alanis Morissette Is Stunning And Pregnant At 45 — Covers Self Magazine

Alanis Morissette Is Stunning And Pregnant At 45 — Covers Self Magazine
Credit: Source: Dimitri Giannetos/Instagram

Alanis Morissette is stunning as she covers Self Magazine. At 45-years-old, the iconic singer is the envisionment of beauty and health as she and husband Souleye are currently expecting. Alanis and Souleye have two children currently: Daughter Onyx Solace and son Ever Imre.  Alanis shared a photo of the Self magazine cover with her Instagram followers and included her beauty team that helped her prepare for the shoot. Additionally, hair stylist Dimitri Giannetos, who styled Alanis' hair, also shared several snaps from the day. Alanis is beautiful in each and every pic and truly has the radiant, glow of pregnancy.

Alanis Morissette shared the following caption along with the cover picture.

"Link in bio “I talk about this with my kids a lot, the four boundaries being: 1) You can't tell me what I'm thinking, 2) you can't tell me what I'm feeling, 3) you can't fucking touch my body/you can't do anything with my body, and 4) don't touch my stuff,” Alanis told me.

You may see the photo Alanis shared below.

Kevin Smith responded to Alanis' four boundaries and was very inspired by them. He left Alanis the following comment.

"You continue to inspire and amaze. I’m totally stealing The 4 Boundaries and incorporating it into my own life (but I’ll credit you as author). I adore you, God. Keep dazzling."

Dimitri Giannetos shared the following photo of Alanis from the shoot.

Though many people are excited for Alanis and Souleye adding to their family later in life, some are worried that Alanis may experience postpartum depression again. She suffered the condition after both of her children were born and unfortunately waited a long time before getting help. This time, Alanis says she isn't taking any chances and is asking her support circle to be on the lookout for signs in case she is in denial.

Alanis Morissette is a proud breastfeeding advocate and many of her fans enjoyed her photos where she chronicled her past breastfeeding journeys. Many expect that Alanis will have the same attitude towards nursing this time around as well. Alanis hasn't revealed her due date yet but it appears she may be in the third trimester.

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