Abby Lee Miller Gets Candid About Being ’10 Minutes’ From Death Before Emergency Surgery

Abby Lee Miller Gets Candid About Being ’10 Minutes’ From Death Before Emergency Surgery
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Abby Lee Miller's been through a lot to the point that she was minutes from dying! But she fought hard and has won the battle with cancer.

The Dance Moms star got candid about her health issues, admitting that she had ten minutes to live when the doctors started her emergency spinal surgery.

While in attendance at the Creative Arts Emmys, she shared with HollywoodLife that ‘I lived, the doctor said ‘we have 10 minutes or we are going to lose her’ and that is how close to death I was. This spinal cord injury, choking my spinal cord and all of that — I can take just a few steps with the walker.’

As you can imagine, being so close to passing away has been quite the life-changing experience for the TV personality.

It was definitely terrible but the silver lining is that it helped her resent her priorities.

‘I yell at friends all the time when I get frustrated and upset, I am like ‘why did you not just let me die? Dying's easy, you just lay there, you know this is hard, it's tough’ and they said ‘he did not give us a choice, he just said I am going in and we said oh, okay.’ I guess I have some more dreams to fulfill. I have other things that I want to do and doing other shows I am creating and you know there is always a kid who needs to straighten their legs and point their feet,’ Abby went on to reveal.

As the celeb also highlighted, the post-surgery recovery has not been easy at all!

In fact, she needed a very strict rehab program to even be able to take the few steps she manages to take nowadays.

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