Abby Lee Miller Criticizes Britney Spears' Dancing And Fans Clap Back!

As fans know, Britney Spears really likes dancing and she also loves posting videos […]

Posted on Mar 19, 2021 11:57 PM

Abby Lee Miller Reveals She Wishes She'd Died After Emergency Surgery In 2018 - Here's Why!

As fans know, back in April of 2018, Abby Lee Miller underwent a life-saving, […]

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Abby Lee Miller Says She Can Walk ‘150 Feet’ Now After Another Surgery

Abby Lee Miller has been through a lot, health wise, and she’s been pretty […]

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Abby Lee Miller Details What Lori Loughlin Will Experience In Jail Since She's Serving At The Same Facility!

Lori Loughlin is soon going to jail to serve her two-months-long sentence and as […]

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Dance Moms Spin-Off Cancelled And Abby Lee Miller Fired From Future Shows Over Alleged Racist Comments

Abby Lee Miller rose to fame for her harsh ways of training up dancers. […]

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Abby Lee Miller Apologizes After Black ‘Dance Moms’ Accuse Her Of Making Racist Comments On The Show!

Abby Lee Miller responded to the accusations that she used to make racist comments […]

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Multiple Parents Of Dance Mom Stars Slam Abby Lee Miller For 'Acting Like' She Cares About Black Lives

Abby Lee Miller earned a long-running show that centered around exactly how tough she […]

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Jojo Siwa Slams Former 'Dance Moms' Co-Star Brooke Hyland For Shading Abby Lee Miller

The dancer and YouTuber was not at all happy about what her former Dance […]

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Abby Lee Miller Shares Old Pic From When She Was A Teen Rocking White Spandex Tights And Leg Warmers!

Abby Lee Miller took to her IG account to share another throwback pic and […]

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Abby Lee Miller Opens Up About Possibly Becoming Homeless Amid The COVID-19 Quarantine - 'It's Awful!'

Abby Lee Miller has been quarantined in a hotel amid the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic […]

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