Abby Lee Miller Gets A Facelift And Documents The Process For 'The Doctors!'

Abby Lee Miller Gets A Facelift And Documents The Process For 'The Doctors!'
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Abby Lee Miller underwent some cosmetic surgery procedures and she confessed that she was really freaking out! As it seems, the Dance Moms star got a facelift and that involved liposuction and a number of incisions made on her face.

The star looks better than ever and it’s because she’s undergone a facelift!

Following her horrible battle with cancer, Abby felt like giving herself a fresh new look to mark a new beginning in her life.

At the same time, it was a scary experience, going under the knife again following her multiple surgeries meant to save her life.

Either way, she went through with it and even documented her experience for The Doctors.

That being said, there is video footage of Abby in Dr. Simoni’s Beverly Hills office being super nervous about the procedures about to be done on her.

As the specialist team began to mark her face and neck, she mentioned that ‘I just don’t like needles.’

The surgeon then explains that ‘The first part is the liposuction of the neck, and you can see the fat is little by little coming through that little tube. Now we are starting with the face and we are making tiny incisions around your ears to get easier access to the facial fat and the muscles.’

Even though she was obviously anxious, Abby joked that the doctor would need ‘gallons’ of fat.

Dr. Simono then goes on to do the procedure which was clearly successful judging by the before and after pictures.

In the second snap, Abby’s face looks much firmer, she has a more defined jawline and cheekbones.

Abby has made an incredible recovery following her battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

In May of last year, she confirmed that she was cancer free and opened up about the experience while on Good Morning America later on that same month.

‘I would have been dead. I was paralyzed from the neck down because this cancer was choking my spinal cord. I was in the fetal position, just talking, that was it, that was all that I could do, and [her doctor] did 8 hours of emergency surgery,’ she shared.

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