Abby Lee Miller Details Prison Nightmare - ‘They Tried To Rip My Eyelashes Off!’

Abby Lee Miller Details Prison Nightmare - ‘They Tried To Rip My Eyelashes Off!’
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Abby Lee Miller opened up about being abused while in prison during her very first interview since being released. As you might know, the Dance Moms star served eight months behind bars for bankruptcy fraud.

The star took to Instagram to share with her followers the details of a new interview for Inside Edition by posting a screen grab of it on the platform.

While the said chat with the outlet had already aired on TV earlier this month, it looks like Abby wanted to bring attention to it once again, on President’s Day.

Abby got candid about her very hard time in prison, detailing the nightmare she went through during those months she served.

‘I have already been through the ringer. The first day was the very worst for me. They tried to rip my eyelashes off which were extensions,’ Miller told Inside Edition.

And that is not all! The star went on to also claim that she was unfairly punished with solitary confinement due to allegedly posting a snap of herself being visited by close pals, something she claims she did not do.

According to Abby, her medication for thyroid and diabetes was also removed!

‘I would have strange guards that were not in our unit, that I'd never seen before, walk in and ask other girls, ‘Hey, where is that Dance Moms lady? Where is that dance lady? I'm going to get her.’ Then they come to my locker, they take a can of red soda pop, shake it up, open it and just spray it all over my clothes.’

That sounds terrible! The Federal Bureau of Prisons is yet to release an official statement regarding Abby Lee Miller’s claims.

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