A$AP Rocky Testifies In Swedish Court - Says He Was 'Scared' And Fought Back Out Of Fear

A$AP Rocky Testifies In Swedish Court - Says He Was 'Scared' And Fought Back Out Of Fear
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According to a report from Page Six, A$AP Rocky spoke in front of a Swedish court today and stated he was "scared" and tried his hardest to avoid a fight last month in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

The A$AP Mob member, who's native to Harlem, is now standing trial for assaulting the 19-year-old, Mustafa Jafi, on a street on the 30th of June. Another two men were slapped with charges as well.

Neé Rakim Mayers, the rapper testified for the first time during the second day of court proceedings in the Stockholm District Court. A$AP claims he and his crew repeatedly told the other men to leave them alone, however, they wouldn't stop and A$AP said he believed they were intoxicated by "some kind of drug."

A$AP stated he and his entourage were approached by the other men while trying to download an application so they could use an electric scooter. Reported first by CNN, A$AP said before the court that "things got a little weird."

The rapper claimed he and his friends believed their behavior was very weird and it "got a bit scary." The Associated Press reported Rocky as saying his security guard repeatedly pushed him away and tried to get him to leave him alone.

They did everything in their power to "de-escalate" the confrontation but to no avail. The situation became quite tense, especially as A$AP saw his security guard bleeding. The other men in the case seemed deranged - as if they were on drugs, the 30-year-old recording artist explained.

According to A$AP, he didn't know what to expect from the other guys because they weren't in their home country. The rapper added that he and his friends just wanted to go back to the hotel, but they weren't anywhere close to it.

During the brawl on the street, prosecutors claim David Tyrone Rispers, as well as Bladimir Emilio Corniel, assaulted Jafari and hit him repeatedly with a bottle. As it was noted above, Rocky got involved when his bodyguard was assaulted.

The "Praise the Lord" artist said before the court he has been the victim of attacks many times over the years, and the situation was worrying. As it was previously reported, Rocky and the other two men are facing up to two years if convicted of the crime. They've been in a Swedish jail since the 3rd of July.

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