Rihanna Makes First Public Appearance With ASAP Rocky After Giving Birth And Fans Are The Happiest

Rihanna Makes First Public Appearance With ASAP Rocky After Giving Birth And Fans Are The Happiest
Credit: Tim P. Whitby

Rihanna is one of the women that everyone loves. The pop singer is famous for multiple songs released although she hasn't released any new music in a while. Regardless, people are in love with Rihanna and they support her through anything.

Rihanna recently gave birth to a baby boy that she had with her partner ASAP Rocky . Fans were so proud of the woman that she was becoming and sent a lot of good wishes her way. However, since Rihanna has given birth she has been under the radar.

So to many fans' surprise, Rihanna made a surprise appearance in public, and the fans that missed her were ecstatic. On Friday, Rihanna had been spotted with ASAP Rocky. The rapper was scheduled to perform at the Crystal Palace Park at the Wireless Festival just hours later.

Before the show, the rapper decided to get a haircut and Rihanna was with him. Rihanna watched lovingly as ASAP Rocky got his hair cut while people in the salon were freaking out about Rihanna being there. Videos of the couple had gone viral and fans were filling the salon just to get a look at Rihanna.

After the salon visit, the couple had also made an appearance in the Wireless Festival. Rihanna was smiling at her fans and was taking lots of pictures with them. However, she did seem to get irritated at all the crowd for invading her personal space.

Rihanna had been wearing an all black outfit including a Prada puffer jacket, black leggings, cover shoes, and matching sunglasses to complete the look. To accessorize, Rihanna wore a couple of chunky diamond Cuban necklaces. Her brunette hair was long and straight that ran gracefully down her beautiful shoulders.


Fans were so excited to see Rihanna that they couldn't contain their happiness. They asked for pictures and autographs and photographed Rihanna constantly. Fans had tons of positive things to say about Rihanna on social media itself, calling her beautiful and saying she looked amazing.

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