A$AP Rocky Plans To Design Uniforms For The Inmates In The Swedish Prison

A$AP Rocky Plans To Design Uniforms For The Inmates In The Swedish Prison
Credit: BET

Not too long ago, it was reported that A$AP Rocky had some pretty severe issues in Sweden where he was locked up. That's the reason for which people were shocked to learn that he plans to go back for a performance before the end of this year, according to info coming from The Shade Room.

Now, TSR revealed that he’s shocking people once again and 'reportedly designing prison uniforms for the inmates in the Swedish jail where he was held for six months.'

TSR cites the info from Forbes and says that 'Rocky is trying to put his best foot forward and give back to Sweden after his arrest. In his first public speaking event since being arrested, Rocky attended a live conference called #Summit, where he reportedly explained his upcoming fashion plans.'

You can find out more details from TSR's caption above.

People don't seem quite impressed in the comments, as you will see for yourselves.

Someone said: 'This is how you switch it around and make a 💰. The true definition of PAYBACK,' while another follower said: 'I can’t believe that was 6 months lmaooo thought it was a week.'

A commenter posted: 'These celebs spend one night in jail .. now they got bright ideas for new colored uniforms! Yay !! 🙄'

Someone else is also unimpressed: 'Why?? To make it cool to be in jail???? This world is lost.'

A follower said this: 'Donate money to educational programs, empowerment workshops or activities you felt were lacking within their prison system...an outfit is one of the least significant things you can give someone to help them leave this experience better than they came. #Priorities.'

What do you think about A$AP's latest decision?

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