21 Savage's Case With Promoter Who Lost $17,000 Dropped By The District Attorney

21 Savage's Case With Promoter Who Lost $17,000 Dropped By The District Attorney
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According to a report from TMZ, 21 Savage, just got lucky amid his deportation case after the district attorney rejected a felony case against him in which a concert promoter claims to have lost $17,000. The promoter pressed charges against the rapper for leaving the venue after taking the money to perform.

The issue was that Mr. Abraham Joseph -   more commonly known as 21 Savage - never actually performed. Previously, TMZ reported that the British-native was scheduled to play a concert in Southern Georgia back in 2016. He received the payment, but then never took the stage because he wanted the singer before him to leave. The UK citizen also reportedly wanted to carry a weapon with him.

The promoter refused to meet his demands, and thus Mr. Abraham Joseph left the scene. Following the news of 21 Savage’s arrest by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, the woman in question took her case to the authorities once again.

The District Attorney passed on it, marking it as a civil case rather than a criminal one. Currently, 21 Savage is doing everything in his power to stay in the United States of America after it was revealed that he was an illegal immigrant who outstayed his visa issued over ten years ago.

Apparently, 21 Savage’s visa was revoked “through no fault of his own,” according to his legal representation. Unfortunately for him, most commenters online have expressed serious reluctance at allowing him to stay in the nation.

However, he has many allies in the entertainment industry, as well as in the music industry specifically. Either way, it’s going to take a hard battle to stay on American soil.

ICE took 21 Savage into custody during Superbowl weekend, and during his following interview with the mainstream media, the rapper claims the incident was clearly “targeted.” The rapper told journalists that he overheard government agents saying, “we got Savage.”

That very weekend, the rapper was supposed to perform at the Grammy Awards, but couldn’t due to the fact he was held in a holding cell for approximately one week.

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