Zonnique Pullins Praises Her Grandmother For Her Birthday - See The Message She Penned For Dianne Cottle

Zonnique Pullins Praises Her Grandmother For Her Birthday - See The Message She Penned For Dianne Cottle
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Zonnique Pullins is celebrating the birthday of her grandmother, Tiny Harris' mom. She shared a really emotional post on her social media account in order to mark this event.

'happy birthday to my queen!! the woman who raised me, woke me up washing my face every morning, packed my lunch, gave me three dollars for jean day, and now that I’m older...handles my entire life lol is the ONLY person I call and cry to when I’m sad cause you’re just you and the only person I enjoy watching cowboy shows with..as you can see I take a picture with her almost every time I see her no matter how we both may look and I’ll never stop..I owe you my whole life. I love you to infinity..from your favorite grandchild,' Zonnique began her post.

She continued and said: 'ps: yes she has like 15 others at this point and to the rest of my hating family who think king and heiress are her new favorites..let that die down so mamaw don’t gotta keep saying it’s me lol @diannecottlepope.'

A follower posted: 'I see your mother is jealous. But she was on the road.'

One commenter wrote: 'Happy birthday Diane. You have been a real one from day one. I Love you to the moon and back😘😘😘 Baby(in my Diane voice)'

Another person said: 'Moments with your grandmother are the best. This really made me miss mine💕'

Someone else shared: 'Love you mamaw/aunt Diane.... real-life loves to come have our spend the nights and walk the neighborhood when we were in middle and high school. Enjoy this day and every day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎊🎁🎂🎉 @diannecottlepope'

A person posted this: 'Wowwww never realized how much you look like her!!!! OMG. Two beauties!!! 😍❤️'

One follower wrote: 'Lol! The pettiest birthday wish ever! 😂 But @diannecottlepope is definitely the GOAT of mothers and wife! You have the best example ever 👑'

Zonnique decided that it’s time for a change in her look . She has the same curly hair, but she’s sporting new colors.

She shared a photo on her social media account, and fans are here for this new look of hers.

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