Zonnique Pullins And Kandi Burruss Team Up To Share A Few Secrets About Tiny Harris With A Birthday Video

Zonnique Pullins And Kandi Burruss Team Up To Share A Few Secrets About Tiny Harris With A Birthday Video
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Tiny Harris' oldest daughter, Zonnique Pullins, took to social media where she posted a few never-before-seen photos and penned a sweet message on the day she is celebrating her 44th birthday.

The young singer and songwriter uploaded one video that caught fans' attention where Tiny is doing her hair, and baby Heiress is busy eating the rollers.

In the message, Zonnique shared a little secret about T.I's wife -- she never cries, and Kandi Burruss confirmed that.

Zonnique had this kind message for her mother: "When I tell you, God blessed me in a major way when he paired me with this cancer woman! Thank you mommy for giving me life, for giving me eternal best friends that are my siblings, for being so full of love 24/8, for being my best friend when that’s all I need, for making things happen when you’re too far away to help physically, for being YOU and showing me how not to care about what anyone thinks, for not being one of those cancers who cry all the time because I hardly ever see you cry which is crazy to me...I love everything about you happy birthday lil mama 🧜🏽‍♀️🗣 @majorgirl."

Diva and Xscape Kandi singer added: "She doesn’t ever cry. Happy Bday @majorgirl. 🎂"

Tiny responded by: "Awe Niq I love this post so much..it made me feel so good & more than appreciated! I’ll move mountains for u till I’m dead & gone!! U have always & will be the best part of me!! I love U. 💙"

One fan had this reaction: "True words from her 1st born...her shining star! ❤️🥰😘For not being one of those cancers that cry all the time. 😂😂😂😂"

Another commenter stated the following: "Aww, this was sweet Yes cancers do be crying all the time 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 , but I’m glad she does not cry. Happy birthday tiny 💞This is the relationship most dream of, cherish your mothers.We c ry behind closed doors...we tend to stay strong for the people around us❤️♋️ July 9th.❣️"

This backer told the pair: "Happy birthday she’s such a beautiful lady🎈🎈 & lolls cancers barely cry we actually the strongest people. That’s a real mother’s love we will walk over hot coals to make sure our kids are ok no matter how old they are; I absolutely adore @majorgirl she is soooo beautiful to me. The only woman I get to watch that has nothing negative to say. Always choosing the correct words and to love. Happy birthday Tiny you are Goals. 😍🔥👑"

Tiny is one strong woman.

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