Yo Gotti And Roc Nation Filed A Lawsuit On Behalf Of Mississippi Prisoners

Yo Gotti And Roc Nation Filed A Lawsuit On Behalf Of Mississippi Prisoners
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It's been just revealed that Yo Gotti and Roc nation filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mississippi prisoners who are far from living in bearable conditions. It's been revealed that these people are going on with their lives behind bars in some pretty inhumane conditions.

The Shade Room posted all the available details that you can check out below.

TSR wrote that Yo Gotti and Roc Nation are doing their best in order to help a group of Mississippi prisoners 'sue the state for the nightmarish conditions the inmates are said to be living in at #Parchman prison.'

TSR also reported that the lawsuit 'says the maximum-security prison is highly dangerous for the inmates after a spike of violence left three inmates stabbed to death, just within the first week of 2020.'

TSR also cites official documents that have been obtained by TMZ which claim that the Mississippi prison system is 'chronically understaffed' and, more than that, it's also underfunded.

It's been revealed that all these factors mentioned above brought the prison to a boiling point.

It seems that the prison does not even have enough mattresses for the inmates and that the cells are 'covered in black mold,' according to official documents.

There are also various pics that have gone viral, which show raw sewage spilled out and more.

Fans are entirely supportive of this initiative.

A follower said: 'Much respect for rap artists to use their influence to help bring justice,' and someone else continued: 'Because what’s going on out there is absolutely insane.'

One other commenter also likes what's going on and said: 'Yes!! Big ups to this!! This should have BEEN done!! ❤️‼️'

Someone else said that inmates have human rights as well: 'Before all the “don’t go to jail” comments, do know not everyone in jail deserves to be there.'


What do you think about Yo Gotti and Roc Nation's initiative?

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