Eva Marcille Makes Fans Happy With A Throwback Pic Of Mike And Marley At Thanksgiving

Eva Marcille Makes Fans Happy With A Throwback Pic Of Mike And Marley At Thanksgiving
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Eva Marcille shared a photo on her social media account that made her fans happy. She posted a pic featuring Mike and Marley at Thanksgiving. Check it out below.

'Throwback of Mike and Marley at Thanksgiving time🌻' Eva captioned the photo.

Kenya Moore jumped in the comments and showed love.

A fan said: 'Oh wow, she's adorable and you and Mike been together a while,' while another commenter said: 'I just love you and your family I’m team Eva all day.'

One other follower posted this: 'It's so important for him to be a positive male in her life. Kudos Mike for being the difference in a young lady life that will change her perspective of men forever.'

Someone else said: 'Awww little Marley. Look at that let on the table though.'

Another Instagrammer posted: 'It was meant for him to be her father. Michael, Marley, Michael Jr, and Maverick...Cmon lol#ComeThroughM'

A fan gushed over gorgeous Marley and said: 'She’s a beautiful little girl you can always see the kindness in her little face.'

Other than this, Eva shared a bunch of pics flaunting her short blonde hair.

Someone praised her look and said: 'Yassssssss Back to Blonde!!! My fav!!! That platinum Blonde short cut is legendary!!!!!!'

One other follower also gushed over Eva's look: 'You always switching up on yo hair. It’s cute.'

An Instagrammer told Markey's mom: 'you could change your face in so many ways and they're beautiful I wish I could do that and have that talent - have a blessed evening and smooches to your family.'

A few days ago, Eva told fans what’s the secret that helped her get back into the ring .

The gorgeous lady started 2020 by promoting a healthier lifestyle.

She shared a lot of related posts on her social media account, promoting all kinds of weight loss products and healthy-living advice.

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