Woody Allen Child Molestation Allegations Revisited In New HBO Series Allen V. Farrow

Woody Allen Child Molestation Allegations Revisited In New HBO Series Allen V. Farrow
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Woody Allen may wish the child molestation allegations against him would simply disappear, but that's unlikely to happen. In fact, HBO will revisit them beginning Sunday, February 21, 2021, when the network airs the four-part documentary Allen v. Farrow . HBO released a trailer for the series that is already making news headlines. The trailer shows video footage captured from Mia Farrow 's home in 1992. It features seven-year-old Dylan Farrow describing the alleged molestation perpetrated by her adoptive stepfather Woody Allen .

Dylan Farrow is the sister of award-winning journalist Ronan Farrow and viewers will see him in the documentary that is certain to cause shock waves across social media and may cancel Woody Allen for good. The public has never seen the video footage or heard the audio recordings that will play in the documentary. Mia not only videotaped her daughter Dylan Farrow at seven-years-old speaking about the abuse, but she also made recordings of herself and Woody Allen discussing the allegations and the sexual abuse symptoms Mia said she witnessed in her daughter. As the documentary shares Dylan's perspective and makes public the statements she made as a child, they included excerpts from Woody Allen's book "Apropos of Nothing" as Allen's rebuttal.

When Mia Farrow's allegations against Woody Allen made headlines in the nineties, they divided people. Some believed that Allen committed the heinous act as Allen was in a romantic relationship with Mia Farrow's adopted daughter Soon-Yi whom he later married. Woody Allen was a father figure to Soon-Yi yet said he fell in love with her and Allen made it known they were in a relationship when she was 21-years old. Soon-Yi was 27-years-old and Woody Allen was 62-years-old when they married.

Mia Farrow alleged that Woody Allen's relationship with Soon-Yi was proof that he was a predator. Woody Allen countered by saying that Mia made up the allegations against him and coached Dylan in retaliation for his having a sexual relationship with Mia's daughter.

You may see the official trailer for Allen v. Farrow below.

Dylan Farrow has never strayed from her story. She has always maintained that Woody Allen sexually assaulted her when she was only seven-years-old and she has stood by her mother, Mia Farrow, who has fought tirelessly throughout the years to protect her children.

Woody Allen has not released a public statement about HBO's upcoming documentary.





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