Will Smith Shares Footage Of Son Jaden Cutting His Own Hair - Check Out The Video

Will Smith Shares Footage Of Son Jaden Cutting His Own Hair - Check Out The Video
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According to a report from Mashable.com, Will Smith has recently taken quite a liking to Instagram following Jaden's push for him to get on the platform. In fact, Will has taken to the 'Gram to make fun of his own son by posting an embarrassing video from his past.

On Friday, the 50-year-old Hollywood legend shared a video in which his youngest son, Jaden, appeared to cut his own hair. Clearly, Will had to dig through some old videos to access this clip, because it's from when Jaden was just a young boy.

The video stems from 2005, back when Jaden was a six-year-old. Titled Jaden Hair Mysteries, Jaden takes viewers on Will's journey to uncover the mystery of loose hair all over his house.

You can check out the post below to see it for yourself:

These days, Jaden has grown up a lot, as he's 20-years-old and has his very own rap career like his father did before he exploded as an actor on the set of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air back in the early 1990s.

Not a lot of people remember the days when Will Smith was actually one of the biggest rappers of the day, and interestingly, Will is actually one of the best selling rappers, despite many thinking Jay-Z holds that claim.

Jaden recently release his debut album, Syre, to mixed critical reviews, although the album did manage to break into the top 50 on the Billboard albums chart. Jaden's record garnered praise from fans, but critics were less forgiving.

Anthony Fantano, for instance, on his famous music reviewing channel, The Needle Drop , gave Syre a negative review, stating that Jaden has a long way to go before he can consider himself as an "Icon," as he refers to himself several times on the record.

Moreover, Jaden has taken heat for behaving in a way that critics claim is a bit pretentious and self-important. Notably, some of his tweets on social media have been what some have called, "fake-deep," although, one could argue it's up to one's taste.

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