Wendy Williams Sends John Oliver A Massive Painting Of Her Eating Amid Their Hilarious Back And Forths!

Wendy Williams Sends John Oliver A Massive Painting Of Her Eating Amid Their Hilarious Back And Forths!
Credit: Source: thegirlsun.com

Wendy Williams and John Oliver have been having a lot of fun together and fans are enjoying their hilarious dynamic as well! The two TV hosts have been acting like BFFs lately and their interactions are just the best!

It all started with John Oliver imitation her eating on camera.

Next thing you know, Wendy not only made him eat Doritos with caviar, but she also sent him a picture of her biting into a lamb chop!

This all happened earlier today on Wendy’s at home version of her talk show amid the quarantine.

As mentioned before, the two hosts have been going back and forth through their respective shows and it really looks like they are becoming fast friends.

Previously, John gushed over Wendy’s show, saying that it was ‘an oasis of truth in a world full of lies.’

In response to the compliment, the woman sent him some presents!

Sure enough, the man showed off the gifts after receiving them – including that one huge painting featuring Wendy chomping down on lamb meat.

It was, of course, meant to be a joke that referenced him previously imitating her eating on camera and so, the two had a laugh over the massive image.

Next, John also revealed the other gifts that were also food-related – Doritos and caviar – which not so coincidentally is one of Wendy’s favorite food combinations!

This is something he spoofed during his April 19 show but Wendy really wanted to prove that it’s actually good and made him eat it on camera!

‘You sent caviar and Doritos. I don’t like either of these foods separately, so I’m not sure how I will like them together,’ he said at first.

Still, he went ahead and tried it for her, admitting: ‘Wow, it’s a lot. It’s not just one flavor, Wendy it’s almost all of the flavor.’

The new BFFs even rocked matching grey star sweatshirts that John had bought!

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