Wendy Williams Resurfaces On Social Media With Her Son After The Passing Of Her Mother

Wendy Williams Resurfaces On Social Media With Her Son After The Passing Of Her Mother
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Wendy Williams has taken time off after announcing the passing of her mother, Shirley Williams. The talk show host treated her loyal fans today by appearing in a photo uploaded to her show's Instagram.

Recently, Wendy opened up about the death of her mom.

'You know how during corona ... people starving, people out of jobs, just in everybody’s life there’s something new, and you know how you lose track of the day and date, and the times? All I know is that it was a long time ago. She passed away beautifully and peacefully and surrounded by love. She didn’t suffer, not one bit, thank goodness'

She went on to say: 'Gone is the best mother, the best girlfriend that a girl could ever have. I feel fortunate that I had her in my life all of my 56 years because people in my age bracket — many of you, throughout the years — (say,) ‘You’re really lucky to have your mom and dad together in a happy marriage.'

She went on to say that she has to stay strong for her son, Kevin Jr.

Speaking of little Kevin, he appeared on a photo with his mom that she shared to Instagram. It seems that during her show break, she is spending time with her family for the holidays.

People were glad to see Wendy with the person she loves the most. Many sent her positive messages in her comment section.

'I know ur missing ur Mom..my condolences. I pray ur spirit is ok and at peace. Merry Christmas,' said one commenter.

'Miss and love you Wendy!! I got a Wendy shirt for Christmas and I’m thrilled. Love to u and yours,' added another.

'Hello Wendy my prayer for you is that your heart mends from the lost of your mother because I am 56 yrs old and I lost my mother at the age of 11 and dad at 10 . And sometimes it still gets hard for me. Keeping you in my prayers.'


Hopefully, Wendy is using this time to heal the best way she can.

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