Wendy Williams Puts Her Long Legs On Display In Little Black Dress While Out With Her New Beau!

Wendy Williams Puts Her Long Legs On Display In Little Black Dress While Out With Her New Beau!
Credit: Source: pagesix.com

Wendy Williams is living her best single life! The talk show host was spotted out and about on a date with her much younger beau Marc Tomblin and she made sure to show off her toned, long legs in a black mini dress.

The two may not be official as Wendy is still exploring the dating scene after more than two decades of being married but they have surely been spending a lot of time together!

What grabbed people’s attention more than the hunk on her arm however, was Wendy’s fashionable and sexy outfit.

At the time the paparazzi caught up with her, Wendy and Marc were taking a walk through New York and obviously having a great time.

The little black dress was casually accessorized with a pair of white sneakers but even though she was not wearing heels, the star’s legs still looked really long.

Dressing down the ensemble made it look even more youthful as well as comfortable for such a day out.

And while it was her attempt to be more low-key, it is safe to say that Wendy still caught everyone’s attention.

As for accessories, she had on a pair of sunglasses and was wearing a pretty fun bag decorated with many colorful keychains.

Her best accessory, however, were her legs! They were super toned, glistening and, unsurprisingly enough, her man couldn’t stop looking.

Speaking of Marc, one source previously shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Wendy is so happy to have Marc to keep her spirits up right now. He’s been making a very hard time in her life much easier. When she’s with him she’s able to laugh and have fun and enjoy life. He takes her mind off her divorce and all the drama that has come with it. Marc is helping her feel good again.’ That's great to hear!

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  • Relentless
    Relentless Jun 24, 2019 9:28 PM PDT

    I agree. I thought I was about to see some Tina Turner Legggs!

  • Georgia
    Georgia Jun 18, 2019 9:16 AM PDT

    When you're a hard over 50, with legs shaped like tree trunks, it might be time to give the mini dress and sneakers look a break.. Know what I mean?

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