Wendy Williams Calls Halle Berry‘Cuckoo’ During Hot Topics: But In ‘AGood Way’

Wendy Williams Calls Halle Berry‘Cuckoo’ During Hot Topics: But In ‘AGood Way’
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Wendy Williams believes Halle Berry is 'too good' for social media clap-backs! This comes after the famous actress fired back at a troll who suggested she was incapable of keeping a man!

While many of her fans cheered on Halle Berry when she responded to the hater commenting on her private life, the talk show host sees things differently.

Wendy discussed the headline-making clap-back on her show and shared her thoughts, going as far as to say that the Oscar-winning actress is a little 'cuckoo' but in a good way!

'I feel some sort of connection to her, but I still feel like she’s cuckoo. I’ve told that to you before, Halle. I think you’re cuckoo, but in a good way! I think you’re too good for the things you do. See, your cuckoo dates way back to this thing where women don’t need men,' Wendy told on her talk show.

Speaking of, this all started with Halle posting a pic of herself rocking a T-shirt that reads: 'Women don’t owe you s**t.'

Many agreed and applauded her for the message, including a couple of fellow celebs but one troll thought those words might have had something to do with her failed romances in the past.

As you might know, Halle Berry was married three times and was also in a 5 year-long relationship.

'With all of your accomplishments, fame and beauty, it seems, as if, you CAN’T keep a man,' part of the user's long comment reads.

But instead of insulting the hater back, Halle kept the positive vibes and responded with: 'Who said I wanted to keep them? I am all about living your best life. If you make a wrong move, course correct and then re-spin and start again!'

Later on, Wendy stressed that 'I think social media complaining is beneath Halle Berry. Maybe her team can come in and monitor her social media like mine does. It’s the best thing ever to have people control your behaviour when you’re mad at home and want to go off.'

The host went on to tell the actress to 'hang in there.'


However, it really seems like Wendy might have misunderstood the whole situation since Halle is doing great and her response was very classy and well thought out.

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