50 Cent Is Restless In His Shade: He Slams Wendy Williams Hard Ahead Of New Year's Eve

50 Cent Is Restless In His Shade: He Slams Wendy Williams Hard Ahead Of New Year's Eve
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50 Cent has been feuding with Wendy Williams for a long time. Now, he continues their feud with new social media posts and mockings. Check out what he posted lately below.

First of all, he commented on her rumored divorce. As you probably know by now, the latest rumors claimed that Wendy's hubby had gotten his alleged mistress pregnant.

50 Cent posted a report that says that Wendy may be heading for divorce after the latest rumors.

He posted a screenshot of the report and wrote in that Wendy is the 'world's most famous side chick.' He continued, 'Always in somebody sh*t; she never talks about this.'

'It's her job to talk about and gossip. Still, no one should want to see anyone hurt like some if these comments. Its said how you guys call her ugly and a man, but she got more money than all of you guys. I'm praying for her and her son that's who is going to hurt the most,' someone wrote in his comments section.

Another person said that 'Karma is a bitch. Always in other a business, an wasn't watching her own husband!'

50 Cent felt that this post was not enough and came back with a new one which you can see below.

'?ok before makeup, and after makeup.?Un Hun ?get the strap#lecheminduroi #bellator' 50 captioned his second post.

Someone also slammed Wendy and said that 'Wendy has no problem kicking someone else when they’re down, now she gets a taste of her own medicine. Doesn’t feel so good when she’s the #HotTopic. She called Nick Cannon’s last child an “oops baby” now her husband is having an “oops baby.” She needs to use that same energy she talks about every else with and talks about herself. Now she’s the #HotTopic. Don’t feel bad for her at all. She gets what she gets.'

Another follower defended the host, saying that 'I love Wendy. A black woman that makes money and has an opinion will always get crucified by other blacks ??‍♀️'

Another supporter also defended her: 'Wendy Williams is just doing her job! 50 is such a bully.'

What do you think about 50 Cent's disses?

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