Vermont Governor Phil Scott Urges Everyone In The State To Wear Cloth Face Masks

Vermont Governor Phil Scott Urges Everyone In The State To Wear Cloth Face Masks
Credit: Source: Governor Phil Scott/Facebook

As the CDC reconsiders guidelines regarding wearing face masks in public, Vermont Governor Phil Scott isn't waiting around for a definitive response. During a Coronavirus press conference held on Friday, April 3, 2020, Governor Scott urged all within the state to wear cloth face masks when out in public. The announcement came via the Commissioner of Health Dr. Mark Levine, whom you may see in the video player below speaking at the podium. It is believed that the CDC may soon change their recommendations and urge all U.S. citizens and visitors to wear face masks in public. Though there isn't much known about the virus, more information is coming in.

It has been learned that the Coronavirus can live on various substances for hours. Whether it is cardboard, plastic, or steel, the inanimate objects can become hosts to Coronavirus. Though there are no recommended guidelines for dealing with the virus on hard surfaces, many people are spraying items down, washing them off, and using devices such as sanitizing wands with ultraviolet light and steam cleaners. Dr. Fauci has recommended frequent hand washing as well as a way to remove any virus that may be transmitted to your skin from a doorknob, a grocery cart, or a package that arrives at your door.

Dr. Fauci also recommends that everyone stop shaking hands as he says this is one of the most common direct forms of transmission. Another form of direct transmission is if someone coughs or breathes on you. This includes speaking.

Because the virus can stay airborne, it is believed that cloth masks will offer some protection. It's also important not to touch your face as you can transfer the virus into your eyes, nose, mouth, or even ears this way.

Vermont is getting a head start on mask-wearing, though everyone is making it abundantly clear that N95 masks and surgical masks must go to health care workers first — everyone else should wear a cloth mask or other suitable face covering.

You may see the full press conference with Vermont Governor Phil Scott and the Vermont Commissioner of Health Dr. Mark Levine in the video player below.

What do you think about the new Vermont order?

Are you going to start wearing a face mask in public?

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