Cynthia Bailey Is Another RHOA Star Who Accepted Eva Marcille's No Makeup Challenge

Cynthia Bailey Is Another RHOA Star Who Accepted Eva Marcille's No Makeup Challenge
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Eva Marcille challenged her RHOA co-stars to share no makeup pics on their social media accounts. Cynthia Bailey is another star who accepted the challenge, and you can see her message to Eva and bare face pics below.

'Ok @evamarcille, you called us out (#RHOA) & I accept your #nomakeup #WashFaceChallenge chile🌻😎😜
Now let me keep it 💯, @facetune is my FRIEND! I’m 53 years old (always been very transparent about my age), and i am very secure with my looks, however, y’all know y’all can be very critical on the gram. So with that said, I’m not mad at a little tuning, or a filter. In the spirit of embracing my natural beauty, i did not use ANYTHING in this photo. So here you go🌻, the “real real”, and just the way @itsmikehill likes me😜#nofilter #nofacetune #nolashes #quarantine,' Cynthia captioned her post.

Toya Johnson hopped in the comments and said: 'Beautiful. I’m here for the no makeup challenge. #naturalbeauty 💕'

Eva Marcille wrote: 'Absolutely beautiful sitting in Yesterdays Los Angeles sun!!! I can see your pores but more than anything I see your glow. Thanks for excepting the challenge. 🌻 @cynthiabailey10'

She also said: 'thank you so much for excepting this challenge. You are beautiful both inside and out. And I have absolutely no issue with makeup or additives at all. However I would like to teach other women especially younger women and that their beauty lies within in with or without make up they are phenomenal.'

A commenter posted the following message: 'My goodness, you are absolutely stunning sans makeup! And if ya man likes it, and you like it, that’s all that matters!😉👍🏾😍'

Someone else had a message for Eva and her challenge and said: '@evamarcille I hear you girl but the people can’t see my insides what they can see are all the bumps and dark spots on my face. If I looked like you no makeup, no problem.'

What do you think about this challenge that's become so popular among celebrities?

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