Dr. Anthony Fauci Hints That Americans May Need To Wear Masks In Fight Against Coroanvirus As President Trump Says Cover Your Face With A Scarf

Dr. Anthony Fauci Hints That Americans May Need To Wear Masks In Fight Against Coroanvirus As President Trump Says Cover Your Face With A Scarf
Credit: Source: CBS This Morning

Dr. Anthony Fauci is suggesting that Americans may need to wear face masks in the fight against the Coronvavirus pandemic that killed more than 1,000 people yesterday. There is a shortage of face masks available for health care workers, and many believe that is what motivated the CDC to say that regular citizens who feel they are in good health don't need to wear one. Still, many people are opting to buy cloth face masks, wear bandanas over their faces, and are even sewing their own form of face-covering as the Coronavirus pandemic continues and shows no sign of slowing down. During a Coronavirus Task Force conference, President Trump made the suggestion that people should find face coverings around their homes, such as scarves, and cover their faces in public. The suggestion comes along a number of recommendations that are coming from scientists and universities across the nation, but not necessarily the CDC.

Speaking to CNN, Dr. Fauci stated the following.

"When we get in a situation where we have enough masks, I believe there will be some very serious consideration about more broadening this recommendation of using masks. We're not there yet, but I think we're close to coming to some determination."

At this point, it is unclear when the medical community will have enough masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep health workers safe.

You may see a video of Dr. Anthony Fauci speaking on the subject matter below.

In the video below, you can see President Donald Trump as he responded to a reporter's question regarding wearing masks in public. He advised people to wear something over their face, including something as simple as wearing a scarf to help keep germs away.

It was believed that the Coronavirus only spread through direct contact with an infected person (whether asymptomatic or not) or by coming in contact with a contaminated object. Now new studies are suggesting that Coronavirus may spread by airborne droplets that remain in the air after an infected person leaves.

Because studies show Coronavirus may be transmitted by speaking or breathing and is easily spread, people are looking for more ways to protect themselves in addition to social distancing, standing six-feet away from people, hand washing, and covering their coughs and sneezes with tissues.

You may see the video where President Donald Trump suggests people cover their faces with scarves and other household substitutes below.

Dr. Fauci also appeared on CBS This Morning where he discussed the personal threats he's receiving.

What do you think about the comments regarding the Coronavirus and the need to wear face masks in public?

Are you wearing a face mask?


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