Vanessa Hudgens Looks Gorgeous With Sleek Hair — Check Out The Photos

Vanessa Hudgens Looks Gorgeous With Sleek Hair — Check Out The Photos
Credit: Source: Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens is known for her thick, dark and wavy hair but in new photos, the gorgeous actress is revealing what may be her sleekest hair yet. In new photos shared on her official Instagram account, Vanessa reveals beautiful, stick-straight hair that's full of shine and vitality. Celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko styled Vanessa's naturally wavy hair with the T3 micro single-pass flat iron that produced tremendous results. Kate Synnott did Vanessa's makeup and the look was fabulous.

Vanessa posed outside and you can see as she wore her hair parted down the middle. Usually, her hair falls in soft waves and is very textured. Vanessa is almost unrecognizable with her hair free of any waves or curls and she looks beautiful.  There may be no better advertising for the T3 flat iron than Vanessa modeling her hair in the photos as the look is definitely strikingly different from what fans are accustomed to seeing Vanessa look like.

You may see the photos that Laura Polko shared of Vanessa Hudgens below.

Kate Synnott also shared photos of Vanessa's finished makeup on her official Instagram page and Vanessa shared the pics as well. It seems that Vanessa really enjoys the look and feel of her smooth, sleek hair because in several additional photos featuring Vanessa and her fiance Austin Butler she chose to wear her hair straight again.

The photos of Austin and Vanessa went viral and have more than 2.6 million likes and nearly 10,000 comments.

Vanessa and Austin were off to see Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and they looked fabulous.

What do you think of Vanessa's hair? Do you like her waves and curls best or do you prefer the straight, sleek look? Straight hair reflects light unlike wavy or curly hair, and you can see a visible sheen in Vanessa's hair after Laura finished the style. The length of Vanessa's hair made the style a perfect frame for her face.

Vanessa starred in the movie Polar opposite Mads Mikkelsen and is currently filming the movie The Knight Before Christmas. She has recently finished filming the movie Bad Boys for Life.

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