Vanessa Hudgens - Here's What She Thinks About Zac Efron Skipping Virtual HSM Reunion Singalong!

Vanessa Hudgens - Here's What She Thinks About Zac Efron Skipping Virtual HSM Reunion Singalong!
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Former High School Musical stars had a great reunion while in quarantine as they gathered to sing ‘We’re All in this Together’ from the official soundtrack! However, fans were disappointed that Zac Efron was missing, even though he did record an introduction video for it.

That being said, how did Vanessa Hudgens feel about her ex boyfriend’s absence?

As you may know, she was also part of ABC’s The Disney Family Singalong alongside Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman and Lucas Grabeel!

One insider tells HollywoodLife that she was not that affected by the fact that her ex chose not to join them for the singalong.

‘Vanessa is proud of what she did with her High School Musical return, she really thought it was fun and for a good cause. Regardless of Zac not singing it is nothing she can control. She did it for her reasons and he did it for his reasons, she can’t babysit others plans. She is proud to have done it and that’s that,’ the source explained via the news outlet.

As for his introduction clip, Zac addressed the audience, saying: ‘Hi everyone, I hope that your safe, and that your healthy, and that you’re doing as well as possible in these unprecedented times. It is my greatest pleasure to introduce a musical performance by some of my oldest friends — and some new ones — and I hope you remember, we are all in this together.’

Even though Zac did at least record that sweet message for the rest of the cast’s virtual reunion amid the pandemic, a lot of diehard fans were still very disappointed that he did not also sing with them.

Apparently, however, he had his legitimate reasons, including the fact that he would rather not interact with Vanessa again following their painful breakup, as well as him wanting to not ‘dwell’ on HSM too much since his career is far more than just that.


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