Scott Disick Slammed Over Private Beach Pic Amid The Quarantine - So 'Tone Death!'

Scott Disick Slammed Over Private Beach Pic Amid The Quarantine - So 'Tone Death!'
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Scott Disick just wanted to have a nice and fun day at the beach with his girlfriend Sofia Richie on Earth Day but he ended up in hot water! As you know, the whole world is currently dealing with a scary pandemic and people are supposed to stay at home as much as possible to ‘flatten the curve.’

However, some people have more opportunities than others in life and this is the case with Scott as well, who managed to go out all the while avoiding crowds by going to a private beach!

It’s safe to say that people were not happy about the star enjoying a luxury day at the beach amid the quarantine like it’s nothing.

Some called him ‘tone death’ for showing off his outing pic while others are losing their jobs or even dying because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

At this time, all public beaches in Los Angeles are closed, for the sake of the population, but Scott was still determined to go to the sea and celebrate Earth Day.

He rode his electric bicycle to and on a private beach in Malibu yesterday, much to the annoyance of social media users who felt like it was a total slap in the face.

‘Earth day at its finest,’ he wrote in the caption.

Sure, he was following the social distancing rules but fans still thought it was not appropriate.

Here are a couple of their reactions: ‘Seriously no one needs to see you biking in your private beach, the most tone deaf person ever.’ / ‘Why don’t you and sofia set a good example and listen to the rules. I mean seriously I personally know people every day that are risking their lives on the front lines… meanwhile you’re out here taking insta photos…how entitled are these people???’

One person even used his ex, Kourtney Kardashian’s iconic diss, originally said to her sister Kim, telling him: ‘Scott there are people that are dying.’

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