Tyler Perry Has A Unique Plan To Re-Open His Studio Complex In Atlanta

Tyler Perry Has A Unique Plan To Re-Open His Studio Complex In Atlanta
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On Friday, Georgia Governor Brian Klemp officially allowed some of the state’s businesses to re-open if they chose to do so while the majority of the country remains in lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A new report claims that Tyler Perry - who owns a 330-acre studio complex in Atlanta - is ready to get back to work and is building a unique and interesting plan to make that happen.

According to TMZ , the media mogul is planning to reopen his studio after he can secure enough coronavirus testing kits for the cast and crew members of his numerous TV and movie projects. On top of that, Perry will allow everyone to live on site during production.

Perry purchased the former Fort Macpherson army base in southwest Atlanta and moved Tyler Perry Studios to the location last year. The complex features 141 barracks, 40 historic homes, and 30 additional houses that Perry’s company built on the lot for different productions which are completely functional. It also includes restaurants, a bar, and a gym.

There is also a hospital building on site, and Perry plans to turn it into a functional clinic with a doctor and nurse on location. Currently, Perry is going over his ideas with the studio executives, and the details are as follows.

Perry plans to start reopening his own productions, which are six different TV shows that take about two-and-a-half weeks to film an entire season. On the first day of filming a show, the cast and crew would check in and get tested for COVID-19. Everyone who tests negative would then be allowed on the lot, and they would live there for the entire two-and-a-half weeks of production.

A few weeks later, everyone will return again to shoot another season, and so on until the pandemic passes. If the plan is approved and put in place, the outlet also claims that Perry will erect some pre-fab hotels to make sure everyone has proper accommodations.

Because of the unique circumstances, everyone will get extra pay. However, there are still some things that need to be addressed before Perry can move forward, including day players and extras and outside issues and emergencies that would require a cast or crew member to leave the studio.

Tyler Perry is also looking into union issues, so this isn’t a sure thing just yet. Still, it’s the first sign of life from an entertainment industry that has been on pause for more than a month.

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